RPG Maker MV: Reputation Plugin

• Bill Hunt

I was always enjoyed the classic RPGs where it felt like your decisions actually impacted the fictional world, especially by interacting with the characters you encountered in your adventures.

Final Fantasy VI banquet with Emperor GestahlHarvest Moon heart affection ranks

Final Fantasy VI featured several complicated scenes where the player had to answer questions or talk to people in town to gain status with the Emperor. Harvest Moon featured the ability to woo a townsperson by chatting with them or bringing them gifts over time to gain their affection (represented by hearts in their diary).

Grim Dawn factions screenGeneforge 4 by Spiderweb Games

More recent games have included versions of this same idea. Grim Dawn has several factions that you can aid, and the monsters themselves also represent a few different factions. At one point in the game, you have to decide between two different groups to join, and the other become your enemy. Spiderweb Games has done a masterful job of crafting stories around the tension between different groups in their games, playing one against another as the player chooses which they will ally with.

These sorts of mechanics are possible to create with RPG Maker MV, but it can be complicated. I’ve created a plugin to make it easy to keep track of reputation or affection across groups or individuals.

Reputation plugin for RPG Maker MV

By default, this plugin adds a “Factions” item to the game menu. By using the native game variables, you can add factions to the list and keep track of your influence with them. Since these use standard RPG Maker MV variables, you don’t need to do anything fancy to work with conditions in your events. These factions can also have custom icons on the Factions screen, and these can be a larger size than your standard icons. The plugin also allows you to change shop prices, offering a discount to friends or allowing you to sell back items for better prices than the default 50% builtin to the engine.

This plugin requires Kru_Core.

You can download this plugin, along with all of my other RPG Maker MV plugins, from my GitHub repository.