RPG Maker MV: Game Seed Plugin

• Bill Hunt

Many early adventure games, such as Rogue, featured dynamically generated dungeons, so that your adventure would be different every time. Later games like Diablo used a procedurally generated dungeon, with somewhat-predictable levels where specific layouts would change. Although these sorts of dungeons are possible in RPG Maker MV, I wanted a different approach.

Grim Dawn map

Grim Dawn features a static map with several branching paths, but certain paths will be blocked each playthrough. The game uses some sort of random number generator that is saved to a particular game file to make sure these paths stay fixed within a given playthrough. Minecraft also uses a single, random number called a “seed” for all of its terrain generation.

I’ve created an RPG Maker MV plugin that simply creates a very large, random number stored to a variable that’s saved with your game file. You can use built-in evaluations for game events to determine if some features/paths/items should appear or not, or you can use more advanced functionality or combine this with other plugins for more interesting interactions.

Game Seed SetupGame Seed Result

In the demo below, I’ve shown a simple implementation with Hime’s Custom Page Conditions that simply shows a path to the east or west, and one is randomly blocked on every new game.

You can download this plugin, along with all of my other RPG Maker MV plugins, from my GitHub repository.