Announcing Lazuli: The Minecraft Mod Manager

• Bill Hunt

I’ve been playing Minecraft for about a decade now, and these days I spend a lot of time trying out mods and building modpacks. However, mod management is still very frustrating in Minecraft. I’ve created a new command-line tool to make mod management easier: Lazuli.


This tool allows a modpack author to easily download new mods from CurseForge or elsewhere and combine them into a pack. It also allows a modpack author to distribute a single, tiny JSON file for their pack, rather than a massive binary download. Check out my Big Fork modpack for a working example - you’ll need Forge to install it.


Right now, install and uninstall work as expected. Other features that are in-progress include:

  • Build a Technic-compatible modpack (95% working)
  • Build a static Solder-compatible API for the mod (90% working)
  • Manage ore appearance frequency (like in Big Dig) and handle duplicate ores (75% complete)